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established 02.02.2020

london, uk

alternative rock collective formed on influences such as  [linkinpark] [architects] [deftones] [thecure]


novastatus: loud and enigmatic, bringing a modern and alternative sound to the music scene with high-octane performances they carry charm, uniqueness, and fresh energy to every stage.


founded by former members of

[damaged] & [return to rome] 


novastatus set out to shine a new light on the scene, drawing in audiences from various different backgrounds and collectively unifying people from all walks of life, with a broad sonic palette from melodic hooks that stick your head to atmospheric, ambient and original soundscapes, they stand out from the crowd and offer an eclectic perspective on modern alternative music. 

their sophomore EP [phantoms] 

releasing [2022] 

will be followed up by their UK tour
social links avalible @ /novastatusband



“Infrared” is a collection of modern ideas in every way. Each song has a unique identity and has displayed just what Nova Status is capable of. The band are a fantastic addition to the British scene and quite clearly hold their national identity close to their heart. The state of England is something that Nova Status can’t fix, but with their lyrical content and creative energetic music, the band is sure to staple their message into listeners’ minds. What the band can fix is how people listen to modern music and the state of local scenes. The punk attitude is clear in every song and with a direct heartfelt message in each track, the band is everything England needs for a modern Punk uprising. As the Refused predicted in 1998, this is the Shape of Punk to come. - 4/5


Discovered Magazine

Cambridgeshire’s own Novastatus are a supernova in the making with their EP,
‘Infrared’. A take on angry alternative sounds with socially conscious lyrics, mixed
with screams and raps, gives a shimmer of hope and excitement for the alternative
scene within the UK. Singing about losing faith in oneself and the government, the
band are giving their all and it’s hard to ignore - but easy to dance and mosh to. In
times of trouble, art is the saving grace for the world; Novastatus may save everyone
with ‘Infrared’.

Vesterbro Rock Festival
(Copenhagen, Denmark)  

“When you think of the more muffled start to the festival on the first day, then what hit us on the second day, was something way different: the English Novastatus. Here you could feel from the very start that these gentlemen have all the right elements to become big with their very moving rock music, that you want to dance and have a party to, and at the same time it sounds original and recognizable, which might be the recipe to make some noise that becomes memorable? 

There was already a party from the beginning on a stage too small that barely could hold the 5 guys big rock orchestra. 


Here you had a charismatic lead singer, that oozes with rockstar attitude in the cool way just like he was born to do it and the music has no problem carrying the predicate to be the next big thing, both if you experience it live or on their record - which I did afterwards!

4/5️ *

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